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From the banks of Lake Erie to its many ponds and streams, flooding in the Keystone State isn’t all too common. But with torrential rains, unexpected storms and an increase in snowfall, flooding is certainly a possibility in many parts of the state. Some people may be surprised to hear that home insurance doesn’t cover this type of flooding. For that, you’d need a sufficient Pennsylvania flood insurance policy to protect your home and belongings.

Flood insurance in Pennsylvania covers a multitude of perils, like overflowing rivers and streams, and protects the greater chunk of your property and belongings, sufficiently protecting the investments you’ve worked so hard to achieve. But let’s take a look at what else it covers and how to get cheap flood insurance in Pennsylvania.

What Flood Insurance Covers in Pennsylvania

If overflowing bodies of water threaten to damage your home, Pennsylvania flood insurance can help protect it and your personal belongings from many of these incidents. Keep in mind that flood insurance must be purchased 30 days before it goes into effect, so it’s best to get a policy sooner rather than later.

Structure & Foundation

☘ Your home’s physical structure and its foundation, meaning the essential pieces that make up your home, are covered by flood insurance. This can be anything from flooring and drywall to built-in cabinets and electrical wiring.

Personal Belongings

☘ Flood insurance can help pay to repair or replace your personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed directly by flooding. This coverage extends to things like TVs, computers and other electronics to furniture and clothes.

Home Appliances

☘ When floodwaters enter a home, they tend to damage or destroy a handful of appliances in your home. Luckily, flood insurance can help replace many of those appliances, like your HVAC unit, water heater, dishwasher and much more.

How Much Is Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is home to rolling hills and some low-lying lands, which makes it the perfect storm for floods to occur throughout the state. The probability of flooding to occur shows in the average cost of flood insurance, which is around $1,200 per year and much higher than the national average.

Do I Need Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you’re not required by law to purchase flood insurance, but your mortgage lender could require it. We highly recommend flood insurance because just 1 inch of floodwaters typically causes about $25,000 worth of damage. Plus, nearly 20 percent of flood damage occurs in low- to moderate-risk areas as designated by FEMA.

How to Get Cheap Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania

Calling one of our many licensed agents at Clovered is among the best ways to find cheap flood insurance in Pennsylvania. We’ve partnered with some of the state’s top flood insurance providers so we can always bring you the best policy at the best price — in just a few minutes.

Stay Above Water With Flood Insurance

Do you want to pay for costly and common flood damage yourself or have an insurance policy pick up the tab?

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