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New Hampshire holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. From its beautiful fall colors cascading through the mountains and reflecting in lakes to its wintertime ski slopes and brisk summer air, those who own a house in The Granite State are truly lucky. But you need to protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, and a New Hampshire homeowners insurance policy can help you with that.

From coverage for the structure of your home to the belongings you keep on the property and from an ever-useful stash of liability and loss of use coverage when you need them most, a homeowners insurance policy in New Hampshire could be the difference between adequately protecting your home and having to pay out of pocket if it’s damaged.

What’s Covered With a New Hampshire Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Homeowners insurance in New Hampshire covers the structure of your house, your personal belongings and much more, including unexpected incidents that could occur on your property. While you get to choose the amount of coverage you enroll in, the following six coverages come standard in every homeowners insurance policy.

Coverage A: Dwelling

This covers the actual structure of your home and the components that make it, such as the roof, siding, windows, countertops and flooring. Since it protects the actual home itself, the amount of Coverage A on your policy should be the equivalent, or slightly more, than your home’s value.

Coverage B: Other Structures

Structures on your property that aren’t connected to your househouse fall under this coverage. It includes things like fences, sheds and even satellite dishes. Coverage for these structures is typically up to 10% of the policy’s dwelling maximum.

Coverage C: Personal Belongings

Coverage C is designed to protect the policyholder’s personal belongings that are kept within the home. For homeowners, this coverage can pay to replace things like furniture, electronics, clothes and even items kept on the property, like lawnmowers.

Coverage D: Loss of Use

Arguably the most underrated part of every homeowners insurance policy, loss of use helps to pay for things like equivalent housing and extra everyday expenses if the policyholder’s home is unable to live in after being damaged or destroyed.

Coverage E: Personal Liability

This coverage can provide financial protection for accidents that occur on the policyholder’s property, damage to other people’s property and dog bites. It can help pay for medical expenses, legal fees and property damage if the policyholder is deemed liable.

Coverage F: Medical Payments

Similar to personal liability, medical payments to others covers minor injuries that occur on the policyholder’s property — whether or not they’re found liable for the incident. Policies usually have between $1,000 and $5,000 worth of MedPay coverage.

Which Perils Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance in New Hampshire?

Cold winters bring freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, which could wreak havoc on your roof and your home’s pipes. But with an adequate New Hampshire homeowners insurance policy from one of the best homeowners insurance companies in NH, you can protect your house from the following perils.

10 Named Perils Under HO-1:

  1. Vandalism
  2. Theft
  3. Damage caused by vehicles
  4. Damage caused by aircraft
  5. Rioting or civil disturbances
  6. Smoke damage
  7. Fire or lightning
  8. Windstorm or hail, such as a hurricane or tornado
  9. Explosions
  10. Volcanic eruptions

16 Named Perils Under HO-2:

  • (All 10 named perils under HO-1, plus the following)

  1. Frozen pipes
  2. Falling objects
  3. Damage caused by heating, air conditioning or plumbing
  4. Damage due to snow, ice or sleet
  5. Damage from water heater, including cracks, burns or tears
  6. Damage from electrical currents, such as downed powerlines

What Does the Average Homeowners Insurance in New Hampshire Cost?

Even though The Granite State is home to bitter temperatures and heavy snowfall in the winter and sporadic wildfires in the dry season, the average cost of New Hampshire homeowners insurance is just $800 per year, which is well below the national average.

Think about this. Just $800 every year for a sufficient homeowners insurance policy could protect your home, all your belongings, your financial wellbeing and your peace of mind. Get a quote from Clovered today to find out how we can help you.

  • Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in New Hampshire: $800 per year

How to Get Homeowners Insurance Quotes in New Hampshire

Our partners are among some of the best homeowners insurance companies in NH, and each partnership allows us to provide you the best policy at the best price. Simply input your address in our proprietary quoting engine and we’ll compare quotes in the background and present you with the policies that are great fits for you and your property.

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