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Carpets and flooring are the most used portion of every home, but they’re often not thought about until something spills on them or they’re damaged. While home insurance does cover carpet and flooring in certain instances, renters insurance is nearly never the policy used when dealing with this issue. Let’s take a look at some scenarios.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Carpet Damage?

Since renters don’t own the property they’re living in, renters insurance almost never pays to repair or replace the landlord’s property. In the case of carpets, your landlord’s insurance policy would kick in to pay for any accidental damage, but your security deposit may be used to pay for any damage that you or your guests cause to the carpet or floors.

Accidental Damage

Damage that occurs suddenly and accidentally is the only type of damage any home or property insurance will pay for, and those stipulations still apply to carpet damage. If the carpet damage was caused by something like a pipe bursting and causing water damage or a malfunctioning toilet, the landlord insurance policy would likely pick up the tab.

That’s because you don’t own, nor are you responsible for maintaining, the pipes and plumbing inside the home you’re renting. Sure, it’s common courtesy to let the landlord know if you spot an issue, but you’re rarely at fault for that type of damage.

In those instances, your landlord’s dwelling insurance coverage would step in to pick up the costs of the carpet damage. If that water damage affected your personal belongings, their policy’s liability coverage could even kick in and replace your belongings.

You could always try using your own policy’s personal property coverage to reimburse you for your damaged belongings, but filing a renters insurance claim will only increase your premiums in the long run. So you may as well utilize their policy since they’re likely to be filing a claim anyway.

Damage Caused by You or a Guest

Even though you may believe it to be sudden and accidental, damage caused by you or one of your guests — or your pets — is never covered by renters insurance. Issues directly caused by the policyholder aren’t ever covered.

The only instance of carpet damage that may be covered is if you or your guest accidentally starts a house fire that spreads to the carpets. Since renters insurance does cover accidental fire damage, it would pay to replace the landlord’s carpet. However, the fire will likely cause more damage than just to the carpet, so it’ll likely get expensive quickly.

This coverage would fall under the personal liability portion of your renters insurance policy. Renters insurance typically comes with a standard $100,000 liability maximum per claim. So that means your policy could pay up to $100,000 to repair the owner’s property.

However, there’s still a good chance coverage for this instance would still fall under your landlord’s policy. It’s always best to consult your own insurance agent to figure out exactly which perils are and aren’t covered by your policy.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Carpet Stains?

No, renters insurance never covers carpet stains caused during the length of your lease. Your security deposit could be utilized to cover the costs and, if any costs remain after your security deposit runs out, you may be held financially responsible for the damages.

If the stains were in the carpet before you moved in, we highly recommend taking a picture of them and letting your landlord know as soon as possible. That way you won’t be held responsible for the repairs.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Carpet Replacement?

No, renters insurance doesn’t cover carpet replacement if the damages were caused by you, your guests or regular wear and tear. No home insurance policy will ever pay for carpet replacement due to general wear and tear anyway, but you could be required to forfeit your security deposit if the carpet must be replaced due to damage caused during your tenure at the unit.

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