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Whether in New York City or somewhere more scenic in the state, renting in New York can be fulfilling, exciting, and pleasant. But, no matter where you are, renting carries financial risk.

Theft, fire, wind damage, and more can affect your rental property and ruin your belongings. Having the right renters insurance is essential to protect yourself financially and provide peace of mind.

In this guide, we’ll break down what you need to know to get the best renters insurance in New York.

How Much Is Renters Insurance in New York?

Renters insurance in New York costs $198 per year, or about $17 every month. Rates in select cities ranged from $14 to $17 per month on average. Rates will vary by location.

Several factors affect the cost of renters insurance in New York, with one of the most prominent being location. Certain areas are more prone to property losses. The greater risk of property loss, the more you’ll pay for coverage. Crime rates, severe weather susceptibility, and more contribute to property risk.

The table below lists a few popular cities in New York and average renters insurance rates.

Average Cost of Renters Insurance in New York


New York City

Avg. Annual Rate


Avg. Monthly Rate


As you can see, renters insurance rates in New York City are the most costly, about 16% higher than the next closest city. We’ll go into specifically why that is later on the page. 

Protect Your Belongings With Renters Insurance

Averaging just $12 per month, renters insurance can protect your belongings for the cost of a few cups of coffee.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in New York?

Renters insurance covers a variety of possible damage causes, officially called perils. Covered perils include theft, vandalism, and fire, water, or wind damage. Your renters insurance will cover you from these perils when they affect your personal belongings or rental property. Policies also financially protect you from lawsuits in several ways. 

Renters insurance policy coverages are separated into sections as follows:

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage is the part of your renters insurance that financially protects your belongings in and around your property. It covers your clothes, furniture, jewelry, electronics, art, and more if damaged by a covered peril.

Loss of Use Coverage

Loss of use coverage helps pay living expenses if you’re forced to move out of your rental after it sustains significant damage from a covered peril. Your insurance company can help pay for storage, lodging, food, and more while you’re displaced.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage helps protect you in case of a lawsuit if someone gets hurt on your property or after your dog bites them. Your insurance company can cover medical bills, legal fees, lost wages, and more if you’re found liable for the injured party.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments also covers injuries others can suffer, although no legal liability is required. Medical payments coverage has much smaller limits than liability coverage; it’s only for minor injuries.

How to Get the Best Renters Insurance in New York

To get the best renters insurance in New York, assess your insurance needs by evaluating the value of your belongings and determining the coverage limits you require. Research insurance companies in your area and get quotes from providers you’re interested in.

You must determine how much personal property coverage you need to protect yourself adequately. To set the proper coverage limit, create a home inventory that lists all items you own and their worth. Set a limit that covers your belongings in full, so you’re not underinsured in a worst-case scenario.

You should also set liability limits that safely guard your financial assets. We usually recommend between $300,000 and $500,000 of liability coverage, but you may want more if you have a higher net worth.

Once you know what you need, research some companies in your area. Look for reputable companies with good customer reviews. Note your experience when using their website or online quoting features, and note their customer service if you contact them for a quote on the phone.

When quoting, provide accurate information on your property and belongings. You may need to provide what floor your unit is on, the square footage of your rental, and other basic details. Ask questions if you’re unsure of anything the carrier says.

Don’t settle for the first provider you contact. It’s crucial to compare quotes to find the best renters insurance in New York state.

Companies With Cheap Renters Insurance in New York

New York Central Mutual offers some of the cheapest renters insurance in New York, based on our analysis. State Farm was the second most affordable option. Average renters insurance in New York from select companies ranged from $5 to $16 per month. When it comes to the best renters insurance, New York City residents may find their premiums are slightly higher than average, given the number of renters in the Big Apple. 

Take a look at some top carriers in New York and their average rates, where premiums ranged by up to $131 per year.

New York Renters Insurance Rates by Company


NYC Mutual
State Farm

Avg. Annual Rate


Avg. Monthly Rate


New York Central Mutual had very low premiums on average. The company was founded in Edmeston, New York, in 1899 and writes home, auto, renters, and other property insurance plans. 

They may have cheap renters insurance in New York, but paying $5 per month seems unlikely on even the most favorable properties and locations. You’ll likely pay more than this in New York City and other high-value areas in the state.

Protect Your Belongings With Renters Insurance

Averaging just $12 per month, renters insurance can protect your belongings for the cost of a few cups of coffee.

Getting Renters Insurance in New York City

New York City houses over 2 million renters. Every one of them is vulnerable to paying for unexpected damage out of pocket unless they have renters insurance. Renters insurance in New York City can protect your belongings from theft, fires, natural disasters, and more.

How Much Is Renters Insurance in NYC?

Renters insurance in New York City is about $17 per month or $202 per year. The cost of renters insurance in New York City is higher than in most other cities in the state, although the exact price you’ll pay for coverage will vary based on your location within the city.

Average rates tend to be higher in Manhattan, likely because renters there are generally higher earners living in more expensive properties, so they have more belongings to cover. This means they need higher coverage limits, which raises premiums.

Renters insurance rates in New York City may also be higher in high-crime areas. Especially old buildings may also have higher premiums since they could lack safety features or contain old plumbing and electrical components that compromise building integrity and safety, making them more prone to damage.

Apartment Insurance in NYC

Renters insurance policies are officially known as HO-4 plans, which will cover all tenant-occupied residences. Get multiple quotes from providers to find the right renters insurance for your apartment insurance in New York City.

Renters need their own dedicated insurance policies since they don’t own the units they’re living in. Without ownership, renters have no financial insurable interest to cover the structure of their rental buildings. Instead, that’s the property owner’s responsibility, so they’ll have their own landlord insurance (DP-1, DP-2, DP-3 policy) or commercial property insurance to cover your building or rental.

Renters just need to cover their belongings and their liability, which is achieved through an HO-4 policy. Renters insurance covers renters in apartments, single-family homes, duplexes, quadplexes, rowhomes, and more. 

If living in a co-op, you’ll need an HO-6 policy, which is condo insurance. The same insurance plans cover condos and co-ops.

Renters Insurance Requirements in New York

Renters insurance isn’t required by law anywhere in New York, whether in the city or not. However, landlords are allowed to require tenants to get renters insurance if they want as part of lease agreements.

Sometimes, your landlord or property manager will ask you to get renters insurance before allowing you to move into their apartment or house. This is precautionary on their part to further limit their liability and the liability of other residents in a complex or building. 

Cost Factors of New York Renters Insurance

Conditions of your property change its risk and influence your premiums. Some of the most essential cost factors of renters insurance in New York state include:

Location: As you may have noticed already, coverage costs notably more in the city than in other parts of New York state. Even within the city, some boroughs and neighborhoods will have higher premiums than others. Rentals in crime-prone areas may have higher premiums, as they’re more likely to suffer a theft or vandalism claim. Additionally, places more prone to wind damage or flood damage can have higher premiums throughout the state.

Property Features: Renters in older rental properties can experience higher premiums as the dated construction and increased wear and tear of the property are more likely to lead to property loss. On the other hand, buildings with safety measures like burglar alarms and fire sprinklers can lower rates. Homes with pools, trampolines, or wood stoves may also have higher premiums since these increase risk.

Policy Details: Higher coverage limits come with higher premiums. Additionally, purchasing any optional add-ons will increase the cost of your policy. Raising or lowering your deductible will affect your premiums also. Choosing a higher deductible can lower premiums.

How to Get Renters Insurance Quotes in New York

Save time and money when getting renters insurance quotes in New York by using Clovered. We’re an independent insurance agency partnering with several of the top renters insurance companies in New York. Use our online quoting platform to easily compare plans and find the best rate.

You can also call our licensed, in-house agents at 833-255-4117 during business hours for help along the way. Any of our team members would be happy to help you with your renters insurance quote. Feel free to email us, also, at [email protected].

Protect Your Belongings With Renters Insurance

Averaging just $12 per month, renters insurance can protect your belongings for the cost of a few cups of coffee.

The editorial content on Clovered’s website is meant to be informational material and should not be considered legal advice.

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