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The Old Dominion offers endless possibilities for lovers of the beach, mountains and everywhere in between, making it the perfect place to scoop up a condo in your new favorite place. Whether you’re just moving to Virginia, buying a condo for the first time, seeking to renew your policy at a lower rate or somewhere in between, Clovered’s Virginia condo insurance is here to help you.

With some of the best rates and coverage in the entire state, Clovered’s online multi-rater quoting tool makes finding, choosing and buying home insurance easier than ever. Simply input your address, answer a few questions about your property and you’ll have a customized quote in minutes that meets your coverage needs and your budget.

What Insurance Do I Need for a Condo in Virginia?

Personal Property

☘ Since it’s a walls-in policy, meaning only what’s inside the four walls of a condo are typically covered, an HO6 begins with coverage for personal belongings. This helps to protect items you keep inside your home, such as clothing, computers, furniture and TVs. Since condo owners don’t own the property outside their unit, belongings that are permanently kept outdoors may not be covered.

Loss of Use

☘ If a peril occurs that damages or destroys your condo, causing you to temporarily move out, loss of use can help to cover monthly rent at an equivalent home, storage fees, pet boarding and many other expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you been living in your unit. Since your neighbors may not be as careful as you, loss of use is pivotal in protecting your wellbeing. 

Personal Liability

☘ If an accident occurs to a guest in your condo unit and you’re deemed liable, personal liability coverage can step in and help pay for medical bills and legal expenses for major incidents like dog bites, broken bones or even accidental death. For condo owners, personal liability is typically the highest amount of coverage you’ll maintain.

Medical Payments

☘ MedPay, as it’s often called, is similar to personal liability in that it covers injuries that occur on your property. But with medical payments coverage, only medical bills for minor injuries will be paid — no matter whether you’re at fault or not.

Loss Assessment

☘ If the condo’s master HOA policy maximums don’t pay for significant damages or incidents, each owner will have to pay a special assessment. This add-on protects policyholders from paying significant special assessment fees handed down by the condo complex.

Building Property Protection

☘ Condo insurance is a walls-in policy, so you don’t have to protect the building’s structure. But building property protection protects the walls and interior of your condo unit if they’re damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, which is important since you may have many neighbors.

How Much Is Condo Insurance in Virginia?

The average condo insurance cost in Virginia is about $30 per month, but it depends drastically on your condo’s location, value and amount of coverage you’re seeking. You can also expect to pay a lot more if your condo is in a hurricane-prone area than if it were in the mountains.

Typically defined as a walls-in HO6 policy, condo insurance in Virginia extends coverage to most things within the four walls of a condo, plus coverage extends to personal belongings, liability incidents and loss of use claims.

How to Get the Best Condo Insurance in Virginia

Get a customized Virginia condo insurance in minutes and best-in-class service with our team of licensed agents to answer any questions you may have. Our online quoting tool makes finding, choosing and buying a policy easier than ever. Simply add your info, pick a policy and you’re done.

A Simpler Way to Get Condo Insurance

Protect everything your condo association doesn't with a custom condo insurance policy at an affordable price.

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