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Macon, in the heart of Georgia, is the state’s third-largest city by population. Home insurance rates in Macon are relatively friendly, coming in just below the Georgia state average.

Most homeowners are required to have home insurance. You should take the time to ensure your policy protects your home sufficiently.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about securing the best home insurance in Macon, including average rates you can expect to pay.

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance in Macon, Georgia?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Macon is about $1,978 annually, although rates can vary depending on your home value, location, and more.

Overall, homeowners insurance in Georgia averages $2,166 annually, so rates in Macon are about 9% below the state average. Almost directly in the center of the state, Macon is pretty well insulated from possible hurricanes that affect coastal areas of the Southeast, which likely contributes to the lower relative rate.

Another significant factor affecting home insurance rates is your home’s value. Macon insurance companies typically determine your home’s value through its replacement cost, which helps dictate the amount of insurance you need.

Larger, nicer homes need more insurance coverage and have higher rates. The following table depicts premiums in Macon for some typical home values. 

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Macon
Dwelling Coverage $200,000 $300,000 $400,000
Annual Premium $1,412 $2,118 $2,824

Note that the replacement cost isn’t the same as your home’s selling price. Companies usually calculate your house’s replacement cost based on construction, materials, and labor costs. Providers are concerned with how much it would cost to rebuild your house after damage, so they don’t include aspects like location or other factors that influence your home’s market value

Macon Homeowners Insurance Coverages

The most common type of homeowners insurance is officially called the HO3 policy form. All HO3 policies, regardless of carrier, contain the same coverage areas. 

Macon Homeowners Insurance Coverages
Coverage Definition
Dwelling Coverage Dwelling coverage covers your home’s physical structure, including the roof, walls, flooring, pipes, and more, from covered perils.
Other Structures Coverage Other structures coverage extends financial protection to features on your property unattached to your main house, such as fences, pools, detached garages, and sheds.
Personal Property Coverage Personal property coverage safeguards your possessions, including electronics, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and tools, from damage and theft.
Loss of Use Coverage Loss of use coverage covers living expenses if you must move out of your home temporarily after it suffers major covered property damage. Your insurer can cover lodging, meals, and gas.
Liability Coverage Liability coverage helps cover medical bills and legal fees if you’re found responsible for someone’s injuries in court, so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket.
Medical Payments Coverage Medical payments coverage can cover minor medical expenses if someone is hurt around your property, regardless of fault.
It’s Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

How to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance in Macon

Since most companies offer the same coverage options by default, you’ll need to find the best provider for your situation by shopping around to uncover differences in price. You may also need to adjust your policy defaults, such as coverage limits, to suit your plan to your needs.

Customize Your Coverage

You’re responsible for many aspects of your policy when quoting. For example, you can alter many of your coverage limits. Your dwelling coverage is determined by your home’s value (typically its replacement cost), and carriers require you to insure your home to at least 80% of its value. However, you can usually increase your dwelling coverage amount to 100% of your house value, although it will cost extra.

Insurers may suggest a personal property coverage limit of around 50% of your dwelling coverage, but without knowing every item you own, there’s no way they can produce an exact limit you need. Instead of going with their suggestion, you can determine the precise amount of personal property coverage you need with a home inventory. Add up the total cost of your possessions, and the grand total is the number you can set your personal property limit.

You can also adjust your liability limits very easily. It’s smarter to be safe than sorry, so the more liability coverage you have, the better.

Compare Insurance Companies

The most proven way to save money on homeowners insurance is by shopping around. The different business strategies and underwriting procedures among carriers yield different rates for similar coverage.

You should always get multiple quotes from several providers before choosing your home insurance company. A carrier may be cheaper or a better match for you in terms of endorsements, which are optional coverage add-ons, and discounts. You may also find better customer service at one provider.

What to Know About Flood Insurance in Macon, Georgia

While shopping around, you may notice that home insurance policies don’t include flood damage by default. This is because flooding is the nation’s most common and costly natural disaster. You need a separate flood insurance policy for protection from floods.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that nearly every county in every state has experienced a flooding event in the last three decades, and Macon-Bibb has experienced 43 in that time.

Flooding can result from rain, snow, coastal storms, storm surges, and overflows of dams and other water systems. Heavy rainfall can cause streets to flood and rivers to overflow in Macon.

Your home isn’t fully protected without flood insurance in Macon. Consider a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program or a private carrier sooner rather than later. 

Stay Above Water With Flood Insurance

Do you want to pay for costly and common flood damage yourself or have an insurance policy pick up the tab?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Home Insurance in Macon, Georgia

The average cost of home insurance in Macon ranges from $1,412 to $2,824. Several factors affect where you fall in this range. Companies analyze property-related and personal aspects of you and your home to determine your risk profile and premiums.

Property Characteristics

Companies assess many aspects of your home to determine its likelihood of suffering damage. Homes at greater risk of damage have higher premiums. Insurers ask about your home’s age. Older components, such as roofs, siding, and pipes, are more likely to fail during a severe weather event than new construction. These raise Macon insurance premiums.

Building materials also influence rates. Brick or concrete homes withstand wind and fire damage better and often have lower premiums than wooden frame houses. Attractive nuisances, such as pools and certain dog breeds, can increase your liability risk and raise your premiums.

Some aspects of your home can also lower rates. The closer you are to a fire hydrant, the bigger the discount you receive due to a lower fire damage risk. Additionally, living in a gated community may also garner a discount. Having security features like deadbolt locks or a burglar alarm will also lower rates.

Personal Characteristics

Policy details vary by person. Coverage limits and endorsements will increase your premiums while qualifying for discounts lowers rates.

Additionally, some carriers consider your credit score when determining rates. Someone with a good credit score has a better history of making timely payments and can be a lower financial risk to the insurer than someone with a poor credit history.

Companies also consider your history of filing home insurance claims for the same reason. Someone who has filed several claims in the prior three to five years will likely have higher rates than someone who has never filed one.

Is Home Insurance in Macon Required?

While homeowners insurance isn’t required by law in Macon, it’s typically required by mortgage lenders as part of their home loans to protect their investments.

Most people have a mortgage lender that helps them with their home purchase. Your house is an investment to your lender, and they protect it by mandating home insurance when they give loans. If you let your policy lapse during your mortgage, your lender will force place insurance onto you.

Force-placed insurance isn’t ideal, as it’s more expensive and less comprehensive than a standard policy you can get on your own. Avoid force-placed insurance by shopping around and securing the policy that’s right for you.

How to Get Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Macon

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a repeat shopper, gathering homeowners insurance quotes in Macon can be confusing and time-consuming. Thankfully, there’s a dedicated independent insurance agency team ready to help. 

We’re Clovered, and we’ve helped over 30,000 people maintain their coverage and thousands more shop their options. We partner with some of the largest home insurance companies in Georgia, and we’d be happy to help you with your Macon home insurance quotes.

Utilize our online quoting tool to compare plans and options entirely online in minutes, or give us a call at 833-255-4117 during business hours. You can also email us with any questions at agent@clovered.com.

It's Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation's top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

The editorial content on Clovered’s website is meant to be informational material and should not be considered legal advice.

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