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The best car insurance heavily depends on your own needs. If you want to save money, the best car insurance policy is the cheapest. If you’re looking for the best coverage, the best policy for you would be a policy with full coverage. 

If the best car insurance for you is the best coverage at the cheapest rate, you may have to do some research; but don’t worry, we have you covered. Keep reading to find out the best auto insurance companies and car insurance coverage, and discover the best auto insurance for you and your needs.

What Is the Best Auto Insurance?

The best auto insurance is a plan with expansive coverage, low premiums, and a low deductible. When an insurer determines your premiums, they consider your age, gender, where you live, car type, and more. They also evaluate your credit score and your driving history

If you have a low credit score, a poor driving record, or are a new driver, you may pay higher premiums than safe drivers who have proven reliable with their driving records or credit scores. However, getting good insurance isn’t just about paying the least amount of money for the best coverage. You may find that the best auto insurance rates do not align with the best coverage, as good coverage is typically more expensive.

Best Auto Insurance Coverage

The best auto insurance coverage is full coverage. Full coverage, as opposed to liability-only coverage, covers the policyholder and the other party or parties in an accident where the policyholder is deemed at fault. Full coverage will help cover medical payments and any repairs to a vehicle damaged in an auto accident once you meet your deductible and only up to your policy’s maximum.

While full coverage is objectively the best coverage option you can select, some of its coverages may not be necessary for every driver. Eliminating unnecessary coverage helps keep your premiums low. For example, if you have PIP on your policy because it is required by law in your state, you probably do not need MedPay, as both these coverages kick in to cover medical expenses caused by an accident. 

Only keeping the coverage you need will help to keep your premiums low, but to get the best auto insurance rates, you will want to select the right car insurance company for your needs.

What Is the Best Auto Insurance Company?

The best auto insurance company in 2023 is Geico, with an average full coverage premium costing about $1,100 annually. Geico offers low rates for most drivers, even with expansive, full coverage policies. Progressive, State Farm, and Nationwide are some of the other best car insurance companies this month. Each of these companies offers full coverage policies with an average annual premium of about $1,500. 

While the price of annual premiums certainly factors into a company’s rating, low premiums are not the only determinant of a good car insurance provider. Some of the best-rated auto insurance companies earn their rank by being easily accessible to customers seeking help from customer support and offering excellent service to policyholders. 

Best Car Insurance Rates

For some, the best-rated auto insurance is the provider with the lowest rates and premiums. If the best insurance policy for your needs is the policy with the lowest rates, you may want to check out liability-only insurance. Liability-only insurance is always the insurance policy with the lowest rates.

If the best insurance policy for you is a policy with more expansive coverage than a liability-only policy but still at a low rate, your best bet is to get a full coverage policy from an insurer like Geico, Progressive, or Nationwide. These insurance providers consistently have the best-rated auto insurance because they offer various coverage options to keep you safe on the road, but their premiums won’t break the bank. 

It is also important to remember that many insurers offer discounts that can lower what you pay in premiums. Many insurers offer discounts for full-time students if they earn at least a 3.0 GPA, drivers who practice safe driving habits, or families with multiple cars on the same policy.

If you are a new driver looking for the best auto insurance rates, be sure to ask about the savings your insurer offers for new drivers or switch to a provider that offers competitive rates and discounts.

Best Auto Insurance Quotes

To find the best car insurance policy for your needs, we recommend shopping around online for quotes. Getting a quote these days is easy because nearly every auto insurance company offers free quotes online. You can also get a quote from us here at Clovered by submitting your information using our free quoting tool.

You can also contact an agent directly to talk about the best auto insurance policy for you by calling us at 833-255-4113 or emailing

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