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Whether you’re taking a time-traveling adventure in Colonial Williamsburg, a beach day getaway at Virginia Beach, or checking out the natural wonders of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are many rich sights to see in the Old Dominion. However, all drivers in the state must ensure they have an active and adequate policy under the state law.

Finding a legally adequate Virginia auto insurance policy that meets all your standards without breaking the bank can be tough, but it isn’t impossible. Let’s check out the best insurance companies in the state, how you can find the best policy for your needs, and how Virginians save on their premiums.

What’s the Best Car Insurance in Virginia?

Finding the Virginia car insurance policy for your needs may require research, but you’ve come to the right place. Policies vary from driver to driver, insurer to insurer, and state to state, so the best policy for one person may not be the best for everyone. The most important distinction you can make when searching for a policy is what you value more in that policy: cost or coverage. 

Those who value coverage over cost will typically opt for a full coverage policy from an insurer that offers several additional coverage options. Those who value cost over coverage will typically opt for a minimum coverage policy from an insurer that offers lower-than-average base rates. 

Those who value cost and coverage equally and prefer not to sacrifice on either may have to compromise somewhere in the middle. These drivers typically opt for a full coverage policy from an insurer that offers lower-than-average base rates and plenty of discounts policyholders may use to lower their premiums. 

Despite what you value most in your policy, all drivers in the Old Dominion must have an auto insurance policy that meets the state’s requirements. In Virginia, all drivers must have at least $30,000 in bodily injury liability per person, $60,000 in bodily injury liability per accident, and $20,000 in property damage liability per accident, or 30/60/20 liability coverage. Virginians must also carry at least $25,000 in uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per person (UMBI/UIMBI), $50,000 in UMBI/UIMBI coverage per accident, and $20,000 in uninsured and underinsured property damage (UMPD/UIMPD) coverage per accident, or 25/50/20 UM/UIM coverage. Those who lease or finance their vehicles may be legally required by their lender or leaser to have collision and comprehensive coverages as a stipulation on their leasing or financing agreement.

Those who fail to maintain the legal minimum coverage may face penalties for driving without insurance in the state. Virginians who go without sufficient auto insurance coverage may face fees, fines, license and registration suspension, or even jail time since the crime is considered a misdemeanor in the state. Plus, those who drive without insurance will need an SR-22 filed on their behalf, which may raise one’s premiums for years to come.

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How To Find the Best Auto Insurance Companies in Virginia

The best car insurance companies in Virginia will vary based on the driver, just as policies vary based on the driver’s needs. The most efficient way to narrow your search to the insurers that best suit your needs is to decide what you value most in a policy, cost or coverage, and gather quotes with your values in mind. From there, you can make the most informed decision on the best policy for your lifestyle.

As policies vary based on the driver, so do premiums. Insurers use unique characteristics when determining a driver’s rates, like their insurance history, driving record, and other non-driving-related factors. However, one’s insurance history and driving record often carry the most weight when an insurer determines premium costs.

Insurers may use non-driving-related factors such as one’s age, gender, and ZIP code, among several other factors, when determining premiums. These characteristics help insurers assess a driver’s risk of filing a claim. If any of these characteristics indicate a driver is at higher-than-average risk of filing a claim, an insurer may charge a high-risk driver more in premiums to make up for the risk. 

While risk is easily determined based on one’s driving record or insurance history, the non-driving-related factors each driver possesses give insurers a wider scope to asses risk. For example, a driver who lives in a densely populated ZIP code, like Arlington or Richmond, is at higher risk of getting into an accident and filing a claim. Thus, drivers in densely populated cities may pay more in premiums even with a clean driving record. 

If the non-driving-related factors contributing to your premium determination are raising your premiums, the search for the cheapest policy in the state may feel out of reach. You’ll be happy to know, though, that many insurers offer lower-than-average base rates for drivers of all backgrounds and many stackable discounts that can be used to further reduce premiums. 

What’s the Best Liability Insurance in Virginia?

The best car insurance company in Virginia for a minimum coverage policy with the minimum limits of liability coverage and UM coverage is State Farm, with other notable insurers being Geico, Nationwide, and Travelers. These insurers offer lower-than-average base rates for different policies and drivers of all backgrounds. 

The average full coverage policy in the Old Dominion costs, on average, about $1,340 annually. Since a minimum coverage policy contains nearly half the coverage of a full coverage one, the average cost is about $670 annually. While a minimum coverage policy will certainly protect drivers from the legal consequences of driving uninsured, it may not protect drivers in every accident scenario.

Since Virginia isn’t a no-fault state and is instead a tort state, drivers are only required to carry liability and UM coverages, not a first-party medical benefit such as personal injury protection or PIP. While not required, PIP is excellent coverage to carry so drivers have their own coverage to rely on in the event of an accident, rather than depending on other drivers to cover the cost of their medical bills.

It’s always crucial to carry an amount of coverage that makes you feel confident behind the wheel and with your savings. However, here at Clovered, we like to err on the side of caution and recommend carrying a full coverage policy instead of a minimum coverage one. A full coverage policy allows drivers to tailor their coverage to meet their needs while still maintaining premiums within their budget. It’s far easier to budget for an insurance premium than the potential financial ruin associated with a catastrophic accident.

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A List of Car Insurance Companies in Virginia

While the best auto insurance in Virginia is subjective to each driver, some insurers undeniably stand out from the rest. Whether it’s because they offer lower-than-average base rates, several optional coverages for drivers to add to their policies, or a plethora of discounts policyholders can use to lower their premiums, these insurers have caught the eye of Virginians for one reason or another. 

Let’s look at some of the insurers in the Old Dominion that consistently impress Virginians with their low rates, excellent coverage options, and highly reputable customer service.


Our partner, Progressive, is a much-loved insurer in the Old Dominion, and not for lack of good reason. Progressive offers world-class customer service for its policyholders, a range of optional coverages for those with full coverage policies, and a plethora of discounts drivers can stack to reduce their premiums. The average full coverage policy with Progressive costs about $1,400 annually, just 5% above the state average. This insurer offers plenty of discounts like a usage-based telematics program or multi-car discount policyholders can apply to them to knock their premiums below the average rate.


Geico is one of the top insurers in the Old Dominion, regarded for its low base rates and excellent customer service. The average full coverage policy with Geico in Virginia costs about $1,140 annually, or about 7% less than the state average. The insurer offers competitively low base rates and plenty of additional coverage types policyholders can use to tailor their policies to their specific needs. Plus, the insurer offers a bounty of discounts, like a student discount and a safe driving discount, that policyholders can use to lower their premiums.


Another fan-favorite insurer in Virginia is our partner, Travelers. This insurer offers a competitive average base rate of $1,090 annually for a full coverage policy, about 20% below the state average. Travelers is well known for offering low base rates for drivers of all ages and backgrounds, so high-risk drivers may strike gold with this insurer.


Many Virginians bind with Nationwide for the lower-than-average base rates and range of discount options. On average, a full coverage policy with this insurer costs about $1,050 annually, over 20% cheaper than the state average. Plus, Nationwide offers many discount opportunities for customers, such as the pay-per-mile program for drivers who travel less than 12,000 miles annually or the bundling discount for those who bind several insurance products with the insurer. 

State Farm

Virginia is for lovers (of State Farm auto insurance). In the Old Dominion, the average policy with State Farm costs about $1,000 annually, or about 25% below the state average rate. Not only does this insurer offer lower-than-average base rates, but it also has a wide range of optional coverages policyholders can add to their full coverage policies and plenty of stackable discounts that may reduce premiums even further. State Farm offers all sorts of discounts for all types of drivers, but most notably offers a discount to policyholders each time they go six months without an accident.

How To Get Virginia Auto Insurance Quotes

If you’re interested in getting a policy from one of the top auto insurers in Virginia at a price that won’t break the bank, the best way to find the right policy for you is to get and compare quotes online. Getting and comparing quotes from several insurers allows you to tailor your coverage and premiums to best suit your lifestyle and budget.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for quotes. Here at Clovered, we have a free quoting tool you can use to get unique quotes from the Old Dominion’s top insurers in minutes. If you prefer to chat with a professional about your quote, you can contact one of our licensed agents at 833-255-4117 or

Ready to Save Money on Auto Insurance?

Rethink your auto insurance premium with a free quote from the nation's top companies.

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