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Jersey City, sometimes referred to as the sixth borough of New York City, is a great place to live to be close to the Big Apple without paying exorbitant prices, including relatively affordable home insurance premiums.

Homeowners insurance protects your property from several types of possible damage and is a crucial safety net that can save you from financial ruin. All Jersey City residents should have home insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, finding the right policy isn’t always easy, which is why we made this handy guide.

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance in Jersey City, New Jersey?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Jersey City is about $1,321 annually, 18% higher than the New Jersey statewide average of $1,123 for coverage.

New Jersey consistently ranks as one of the most affordable states for home insurance coverage, so, even though Jersey City premiums are higher than typical in New Jersey, residents are still paying a good price compared to other states, especially neighboring New York City.

Many factors affect rates, though, and you’ll pay more for coverage if you have a more expensive house. Your home’s replacement cost is a major component of insurance premiums. Larger houses need more coverage, and more coverage costs more money.

Look below at average home insurance rates in New Jersey based on dwelling value.

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Jersey City
Dwelling Coverage $200,000 $300,000 $400,000
Annual Premium $908 $1,361 $1,815

Jersey City has some of the highest home insurance rates in the state. This is possibly because of its coastal location, which increases the risk of hurricane and flooding damage. Hurricanes are costly to recover from, so insurers must offset the financial risk of potential hurricane damage with higher premiums.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable coverage in the city.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in Jersey City

Chubb had the cheapest homeowners insurance in Jersey City of the carriers we examined. Rates vary by person and policyholder, and the savings you encounter may not be the same. Nevertheless, these averages are good to know to help determine a starting point when you compare rates on your own.

Many factors affect rates, including the underwriting practices of the carrier. Each company has slightly different ways of accounting for risks and calculating premiums, so you receive the same rate at two different companies. Shopping around is the best way to find the cheapest home insurance possible.

The table below lists premiums from four large homeowners insurance companies in Jersey City.

Average Rates of Homeowners Insurance Companies in Jersey City
Company Average Annual Rate
Chubb $926
New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM) $1,006
State Farm $1,059
USAA $1,167
Average $1,321

NJM isn’t a national carrier like the other companies on our list. It’s a regional provider founded and headquartered in New Jersey that offers its insurance products in  Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania only. 

Regional carriers may have different underwriting methods and customer service procedures, so it’s worth your time to compare rates from large and small companies when looking for home insurance.

It’s Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

Jersey City Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Regardless of where you get the policy, every home insurance plan should contain the same standard coverage areas, which should guard your property and liability as outlined below:

Jersey City Homeowners Insurance Coverages
Coverage Definition
Dwelling Coverage Dwelling coverage financially guards your home and components, including the roof, walls, balconies, pipes, and wiring, from damage.
Other Structures Coverage Other structures coverage protects fixtures on your property unattached to the main house, such as fences, sheds, carports, and detached garages.
Personal Property Coverage Personal property coverage safeguards your possessions, including furniture, clothing, electronics, tools, jewelry, and art.
Loss of Use Coverage Loss of use coverage helps pay for living expenses if you must move out of your home after it suffers major damage. Your carrier can cover temporary lodging, meals, and more.
Liability Coverage Liability coverage helps protect your finances if you’ve been found responsible for someone’s injuries or property damage. Your insurer can cover legal fees, medical bills, and more.
Medical Payments Coverage Medical payments coverage is designed to cover minor medical expenses if someone gets hurt around your property, regardless of fault.

How to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance in Jersey City

Getting the best homeowners insurance in Jersey City requires an understanding of your coverage needs and budget. Many people adjust some aspects of their policies, such as changing coverage limits or adding endorsements, to make their plan suit their needs. 

Address Coverage Needs

Every coverage area in your policy has its own limit, or maximum possible payout. While your insurer will suggest limits, you have the final say in all your coverage amounts. You should adjust these amounts to suit your circumstances.

For example, insurers require your dwelling limit to be at least 80% of your home’s replacement cost, but you can increase this number up to 100% if you want complete coverage with wiggle room in case of a total rebuild.

We also recommend setting your personal property limit with the help of a home inventory and raising your liability limits to cover your assets entirely.

You can also consider endorsements, or optional coverage add-ons, to protect areas or items not covered by default in your policy. For example, you can purchase water backup coverage to guard against drain and sewage backups, which aren’t covered under standard coverage.

Know Ways to Save

Once you know what you need in your coverage, you can take some steps to save money, like:

Discounts will vary by insurer, so you should always inquire about which ones you can qualify for. You can get discounts based on your property, personal habits, and much more. Some carriers may also offer larger discounts than others.

You can also raise your deductible to lower your premiums. Your deductible is the money you must pay when you file an insurance claim. You pick your deductible when quoting, and they typically range from $500 to $2,000. Choosing a higher deductible lowers the amount your insurer would have to pay in a claim, which reduces your risk and lowers your rates.

The best and most proven way to save money on home insurance is by shopping around. Taking the time to compare rates will ensure you get the best deal.

What to Know About Jersey City Flood Insurance

With the Newark Bay and the Hackensack River to the west of the city and the Hudson River to the east, Jersey City has a fairly significant flooding risk, especially Downtown. Recognizing your flood risk is crucial, as homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding.

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the country. Storm surges and flash flooding have been issues in Jersey City, evidenced on a large scale by Hurricanes Sandy and Ida in the recent past.

You need flood insurance in Jersey City to fully protect your property from such damage. Most people get a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program backed by the government, but private flood insurers are becoming more popular and may offer competitive rates.

Stay Above Water With Flood Insurance

Do you want to pay for costly and common flood damage yourself or have an insurance policy pick up the tab?

Jersey City Home Insurance Cost Factors

Some of the most significant factors affecting home insurance rates in Jersey City include:

  • Home age
  • Replacement cost 
  • Construction specifics
  • Claims history
  • Policy details

Older houses normally have higher insurance premiums due to their dated components and construction that are more likely to fail and cause property damage. Insurers also calculate the replacement cost of your home, which is the amount of money needed to rebuild it. Homes that cost more to rebuild cost more to insure.

Companies will also likely ask questions about the roof and systems in your home. For instance, certain types of wiring and pipes are inherently faulty and may prevent you from getting coverage. Old roofs are more prone to wind damage and leaks and can raise rates.

Insurers will also ask if you’ve filed any claims in the recent past. Homeowners with several claims will probably pay more for coverage due to their history of costing insurance companies money.

Is Home Insurance in Jersey City Required?

While no law requires home insurance in Jersey City, your mortgage lender will require homeowners insurance as long as you have a home loan.

Mortgage lenders mandate insurance to protect their financial interest in your house. Lenders put significant amounts of money down when backing a home purchase. If the house was destroyed, the insurance policy ensures the lender can get its money back.

No one will make you have a home insurance plan if you pay off your mortgage or you bought your home with cash. But, we don’t recommend bypassing insurance, as this puts you personally liable for all property damage you could suffer. Such a gamble could end very badly in case of a hurricane, fire, or other unexpected event.

How to Get Home Insurance Quotes in Jersey City

While you can always visit a local insurance agent in Jersey City, you can also get home insurance quotes online or over the phone. The help of an independent agent can make the process of finding coverage and comparing quotes easier.

Clovered is an independent agency, and we partner with many of New Jersey’s top insurers to provide you with the best options and rates. Compare your choices online with our proprietary quoting tool. Just input some information about yourself and your property and see your options in minutes.

Or, you can call our licensed agents at 833-255-4117 during business hours for a Jersey City homeowners insurance quote. Our team has experience with all types of property insurance, and we’d be happy to help you find the best coverage.

Finding an Insurance Broker in Jersey City

You can get help from insurance agents and insurance brokers in Jersey City when you’re seeking insurance. Both can help you find coverage, but their roles are slightly different.

Insurance agents partner with companies. Captive insurance agents work for one carrier and break down your coverage options with that company. Independent agents have partnerships with multiple providers and can shop your policy with them to find the best deal.

An insurance broker in Jersey City works solely for you. They can help you find home insurance from several companies, but they typically make their money from a percentage from the person they’re helping rather than the companies.

One advantage of using an independent insurance agent in Jersey City, like our team at Clovered, is we can help you file claims and work closely with our partnered carriers to make your customer service and policy maintenance easy.

It's Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation's top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

The editorial content on Clovered’s website is meant to be informational material and should not be considered legal advice.

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