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New York is the fourth-most populous state in the country. Since homes are often in high demand, purchasing a condo is an equally viable and more affordable option for many.

While condos relieve the burden of home maintenance, they don’t reduce the need for insurance coverage. Getting the right condo insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection from events you can’t control.

We’ve detailed condo insurance in New York below in-depth, including average rates statewide and some specifics on condo insurance in New York City.

How Much Is Condo Insurance in New York?

Condo insurance in New York is about $559 per year or $47 every month. Average rates at typical coverage amounts ranged from $26 to $110 monthly. 

How much you pay for coverage will vary depending on several factors, such as location, building characteristics, policy limits, and more. Dwellings in more damage-prone areas generally have higher premiums. Companies will also examine personal factors like your claims history to determine your premiums.

As a result, the rate you experience may vary from company to company, which is why it’s important to shop around for coverage. Nevertheless, it’s helpful to know what prices to expect.

Nevertheless, it’s helpful to see trends from average costs. The table below shows average condo insurance costs in New York State at different standard coverage amounts.

Average Cost of Condo Insurance in New York


$20,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $74,999
$75,000 to $99,999
$100,000 and over

Avg. Annual Rate


Avg. Monthly Rate


Unfortunately, average costs in New York are higher than in many other states. For instance, rates in neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania averaged $460 and $395 per year, respectively. This could be for many reasons, but it likely has something to do with New York’s high general cost of living as well as state-specific risk factors.

Your location in the state will affect your rate. For instance, condo insurance in New York City is likely much higher than in most other cities in the state. We’ll review specific details about condo coverage, including cost factors, in New York City later.

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What Does Condo Insurance in New York Cover? 

Condo insurance in New York covers the contents and some property features of condo units from covered peril damage, such as fire, theft, wind, and water damage. Most policies typically cover over a dozen perils or possible damage sources.

In addition to property damage, condo insurance protects your finances in various ways. Coverages are typically organized in your plan as follows: 

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage financially protects your belongings from covered perils. Covered items include furniture, electronics, clothing, art, bicycles, jewelry, small appliances, and more.

Loss of Use Coverage

Loss of use coverage in condo insurance helps cover living expenses if your condo gets damaged so badly by a covered peril that you must move out temporarily. Your insurer can pay for lodging, groceries, gas, and more.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage can cover you if you’re found liable for causing unintentional injury or property damage to someone. Your liability insurance can help cover medical expenses, legal fees, and more.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments to others helps with minor injuries someone can suffer regardless of fault. Medical payments coverage has much smaller limits than liability coverage.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Loss assessment coverage can cover certain assessments the condominium association may charge residents due to a covered loss that exceeds the master insurance policy limits.

Building Property (Dwelling) Coverage

Dwelling coverage in condo insurance financially protects features and fixtures in the unit, like the flooring, counters, lighting, and other surfaces, from peril damage.

How to Get the Best Condo Insurance in New York

Finding the best condo insurance in New York requires an understanding of your coverage needs and budget. Know your association’s master policy to ensure you find a personal plan that fills in the proper gaps. Shop from several providers to see different rates and find the best deal.

Know Your Master Policy

Condo complexes have homeowners associations (HOAs) that govern and manage the condo. Every association has an insurance policy, known as the master policy, that covers the shared areas of condo developments like the exteriors, hallways, elevators, lobbies, and common areas. Since unit owners share the use of these places, they also share the insurance burden. You help pay for the master policy in your HOA dues.

Your HOA master policy influences your personal condo coverage needs. There are generally two types of association policies: walls-in and walls-out. Walls-in plans cover some features in your units, like the countertops, cabinets, and other permanent fixtures that were there when you moved in.

Walls-out policies, on the other hand, cover nothing inside your unit. Your HOA coverage stops at your doorstep. Dwelling coverage is often optional in condo owner insurance in New York. But, if you have walls-out coverage, you have a greater need for dwelling coverage in your condo insurance, and you should plan accordingly.

Consider Endorsements

Some policyholders will want to consider endorsements or extra coverage for complete protection. You can get additional coverage for several aspects of your insurance.

For example, some condo owners who own expensive or rare art, jewelry, or memorabilia items may want to look into scheduled personal property coverage. Such items are subject to sub-limits in standard personal property coverage since one expensive piece could be worth tens of thousands and exceed your coverage limit by itself. 

You can also get extra liability coverage. If you need limits higher than the standard offering, which is typically $1 million in coverage, you can look into an umbrella policy.

Carriers offer endorsements for water backup, home-based businesses, and more. Consult your company if you think you might want to fit an endorsement into your budget.

Shop Around

You must compare quotes from multiple providers to be sure you’re getting the best condo insurance in New York. Most companies will offer the same coverages in their policies. The primary difference comes in their prices, as providers have different underwriting methods and premiums. 

Companies will analyze factors about you that influence your risk profile, like your location and building features. For example, policyholders in older condo units with more wear and tear, old roofs, or outdated piping may have higher premiums since units in those buildings are more prone to damage.

They’ll also consider their own business needs at the time, which can raise or lower rates. For example, a company could be looking to take on more business when expanding into a new area. Or, a provider may need to raise rates from policyholders after experiencing a high number of claims the previous year.

You should also note your experience when quoting at different places to see which companies have friendly customer service or easily navigable websites. These factors can make a meaningful difference if you ever need to file a claim.

Best Condo Insurance Companies in New York

The best condo insurance companies in New York will cover everything you need at a price within your budget. The best company can differ from person to person depending on many factors.

There are over 200 active home insurance companies in New York, most of which will write condo insurance. This includes well-known national carriers like State Farm, Allstate, and Travelers to regional insurers like New York Central Mutual.

All will want your business. You should compare the rates, service, and reputation of several before deciding on a company to guarantee you’re getting a good deal.

Tips for Finding Cheap Condo Insurance in New York

We’ve already mentioned that shopping around is a proven method to save money because you’ll see which companies are the cheapest. In addition to comparing carriers, there are a couple of ways you may be able to shrink premiums to get the cheapest condo insurance in New York. You can change your policy limits and seek discounts.

Adjust Policy Limits

You can adjust your policy limits to fit your budget. Don’t underinsure yourself; just avoid overpaying for coverage you don’t need. 

Making a home inventory that lists your belongings and their prices. The total cost of your items is the amount of personal property coverage you need – getting more than that would technically be unnecessary.

You can easily adjust other limits in your policy, too. It’s better to be on the safe side for liability coverage, but consult your provider to see if cutting down your loss of use or dwelling coverage is a safe possibility. Certain situations can call for less coverage.

You can also revisit your coverages periodically, dropping or changing limits at renewal time if your rates change.

Look for Discounts

You should always ask what discounts you may be eligible for when quoting. Carriers offer a variety of discounts covering a range of conditions. Some you may qualify for immediately, while others you can earn over time. 

Some typical discounts include:

  • Military discount
  • Retirement discount
  • Non-smoker discount
  • Security system discount
  • New condo discount
  • Bundling discount
  • Loyalty discount

Compare discount amounts and rates when shopping for coverage.

A Simpler Way to Get Condo Insurance

Protect everything your condo association doesn’t with a custom condo insurance policy at an affordable price.

Is Condo Insurance Required in New York?

Condo insurance isn’t required in New York by law, but mortgage lenders and condominium associations can require unit owners to get coverage.

When giving home loans, lenders typically put down most of the money needed to buy a property. If a lender financed your condo purchase, they’d want you to have condo insurance to protect their investment. This will be outlined in the mortgage. 

If you don’t maintain your own coverage, your lender can get coverage for you called force-placed insurance. Force-placed insurance is more costly and limited than a plan you can get by shopping for one yourself. For instance, they often contain little or no coverage for personal property or liability. 

So, you should get a policy before you close on your condo and always make timely payments, or else you run the risk of force-placed insurance.

Sometimes, condo associations require residents to have insurance policies as a development rule. The association is at less of a liability risk if every unit owner has their own personal insurance in addition to the master policy.

How to Get Condo Insurance Quotes in New York

We’re Clovered, an independent insurance agency serving over 30,000 policyholders in states around the country, including New York. Our job is to make getting insurance easier for you. We’d be happy to help you get condo insurance quotes in New York. 

You can quote online on your own time with our proprietary engine. All it takes is some information about yourself and your condo to compare quotes in minutes.

If you need any help along the way, or if you’d rather quote with one of our licensed team members, give us a call at 833-255-4117 during business hours or email us at [email protected].

Getting the Best Condo Insurance in New York City

New York City has a high proportion of condos and co-ops, so HO-6 policies are fairly common. The cost of getting condo insurance in New York City will vary depending on your location, but having the right coverage is essential no matter where you are in the Big Apple.

How Much Is Condo Insurance in New York City?

The average cost of condo insurance in New York City is likely higher than in other cities in the state, but the exact price depends on many factors, such as building age, building materials, location, and more.

New York City has some of the highest home insurance rates in the state in general. This is due to the higher cost of living affecting building prices and market values. Many buildings in the city are also quite old, making them riskier to cover.

Most condo insurance policies will cost less than homeowners insurance in or around the city, though, regardless of location. The cost of condo insurance is almost always cheaper than homeowners insurance because condo owners don’t need to insure the whole structure of their units

The only case where this may not be true is with very expensive condos, like ones costing a million or more, that require high levels of personal property and dwelling coverage. For instance, condo insurance in Manhattan high-rise units may be more costly than condo insurance in Brooklyn.

Some HO-6 policies in buildings close to the coast will cost more due to their higher chances of hurricane or flood damage. Policies in these buildings may also have hurricane deductibles.

Hurricane deductibles are separate deductibles specifically for windstorm damage. Some insurers require them for properties in the five boroughs of New York City, as well as parts of Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.

How to Get Condo Insurance Quotes in New York City

In the Big Apple, where insurance needs might be complicated given the number of companies available, the age of several older buildings, and the differing association needs, it’s understandable that you might need some help finding the best coverage.

You can contact condo insurance agents in New York City for an easy way to compare multiple condo insurance quotes. A captive agent will only help you work with one provider, while an independent agent takes the information you provide and shops around for you, helping you find the best deal on coverage from many choices.

Condo Insurance Companies in New York City

Condo insurance companies in New York City often cover condos, co-ops, and sometimes townhomes and rowhouses. It’s hard to recommend a best provider, as the optimal choice for every resident will vary based on your coverage needs and budget. 

It’s important to note in New York City, with the many different types of housing available, that condo insurance isn’t the same as renters insurance. Renters insurance is an HO-4 policy, while condominium insurance plans are HO-6 policies. 

Co-ops, common in New York, typically need HO-6 policies also. Whether you need an HO-3 (standard homeowners insurance) or an HO-6 plan for a townhouse or rowhouse depends on whether you have a homeowners association in your community. Usually, you’d need an HO-6 policy if there’s an HOA.

The best condo insurance companies in New York City will cover your belongings at a price that works for you. 

A Simpler Way to Get Condo Insurance

Protect everything your condo association doesn't with a custom condo insurance policy at an affordable price.

The editorial content on Clovered’s website is meant to be informational material and should not be considered legal advice.

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