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The small farm-centered community of Belle Glade on the western edge of Palm Beach County is an affordable escape from South Florida’s bustling coastline.

Homeowners insurance rates in Belle Glade will likely be lower than those of places on the Atlantic coast in the county. However, the city’s location in South Florida still keeps insurance premiums relatively lofty.

Read on for all the information you should know about finding the best protection for your home in Belle Glade at the right price.

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance in Belle Glade, Florida?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Belle Glade is about $6,185 annually on a $150,000 home, $11,057 on a $300,000 home, and $15,935 on a $450,000 home. However, you may find differently when you quote depending on your property.

Palm Beach County has the fourth-highest home insurance rates of all counties in Florida. Since Belle Glade is on the western edge and is more protected from hurricanes than coastal properties, residents should see slightly lower rates than most places in the county.

However, South Florida is still one of the nation’s most expensive regions for home insurance, and you may find premiums in Belle Glade that are higher than the state average.

For more details, we listed average rates from nine common insurers in Belle Glade in the following table, segmenting premiums by home value.

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Belle Glade
Company $150,000 House $300,000 House $450,000 House
Allstate $3,062 $5,475 $7,890
Citizens $3,537 $6,310 $9,087
Florida Penn $7,152 $12,780 $18,415
Liberty Mutual $3,661 $6,536 $9,414
People’s Trust $8,990 $16,066 $23,149
Southern Oak $9,990 $17,902 $25,819
State Farm $4,359 $7,793 $11,232
Stillwater $2,783 $4,978 $7,175
Universal Property $8,721 $15,595 $22,476
Average $6,185 $11,057 $15,935
It’s Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

As you can see in the table above, average rates increase as home value increases. This is because more expensive homes have higher replacement costs. Replacement cost is the amount of money needed to rebuild your house from the ground up based on materials and construction costs. 

Larger, nicer houses cost more to build (higher replacement costs) and more to insure. Replacement cost is one of the driving factors of home insurance rates, but it isn’t the only consideration.

The following tables account for the effects of two more critical insurance variables. Your home’s age and wind mitigation features also greatly impact rates. Older houses tend to cost more to insure, while wind mitigation can lower your premiums. See more below, starting with $150,000 homes.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance on $150,000 House in Belle Glade
Company Pre-2001 No Wind Pre-2001 w/Wind 2001-Present
Allstate $4,906 $2,143 $2,138
Citizens $5,012 $2,284 $3,316
Florida Penn $10,619 $5,419 $5,419
Liberty Mutual $5,475 $2,362 $3,147
People’s Trust $15,601 $4,580 $6,790
Southern Oak $17,458 $7,884 $4,627
State Farm $6,777 $3,261 $3,038
Stillwater $4,016 $2,479 $1,855
Universal Property $15,523 $4,711 $5,928
Average $9,943 $4,232 $4,380

The premiums displayed in this article were obtained by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. They represent the most recent rate filings from the state’s largest insurers and can be utilized as an average of what Floridians can expect to pay for homeowners insurance each year. The example premiums are based on a policy for a Florida masonry home with a $500 non-hurricane deductible, a 2% hurricane deductible and no claims in the past three years.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Premium Consideration Factors
Home Construction Coverage Definition
*Wind Mitigation Any protection on your home that helps decrease the damage caused by strong winds like a hurricane. This can include certain roof attachments and coverings, extra water-resistant seals and impact-resistant doors and windows.
Pre-2001 Construction w/ No Wind Mitigation These premiums represent homes built before 2001 with no wind mitigation features.
Pre-2001 Construction w/ Wind Mitigation These premiums represent homes built before 2001 with maximum wind mitigation features.
2001-Present Construction These premiums represent homes with limited wind mitigation features and no hip roof built from 2001, when Florida redesigned its building codes and mandated that new construction withstand hurricane-force winds better. 

Wind mitigation cut rates on $150,000 homes in Belle Glade by more than 50%. Wind mitigation is so critical in Florida because insurers are concerned about wind damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. Wind mitigation lowers your chances of hurricane damage, thus lowering your financial risk to the insurance carrier.

Older homes also had notably higher premiums than newly built houses. Older homes are more likely to suffer property damage due to outdated construction and components like dated roofs, pipes, and siding.

See how these factors continue to affect rates in Belle Glade on $300,000 homes.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance on $300,000 House in Belle Glade
Company Pre-2001 No Wind Pre-2001 w/Wind 2001-Present
Allstate $8,831 $3,857 $3,737
Citizens $9,022 $4,111 $5,798
Florida Penn $19,114 $9,754 $9,473
Liberty Mutual $9,855 $4,252 $5,501
People’s Trust $28,082 $8,244 $11,871
Southern Oak $31,424 $14,191 $8,089
State Farm $12,199 $5,870 $5,312
Stillwater $7,229 $4,462 $3,243
Universal Property $27,941 $8,480 $10,363
Average $17,897 $7,617 $7,658

Wind mitigation can save you over $10,000 annually on Belle Glade home insurance on a $300,000 house. Newly built houses have similar low premiums as wind-mitigated houses because all new homes have some wind mitigation features built-in by default.

The final table shows premiums on $450,000 homes in Belle Glade.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance on $450,000 House in Belle Glade
Company Pre-2001 No Wind Pre-2001 w/Wind 2001-Present
Allstate $12,756 $5,572 $5,344
Citizens $13,031 $5,938 $8,291
Florida Penn $27,609 $14,089 $13,546
Liberty Mutual $14,235 $6,141 $7,866
People’s Trust $40,63 $11,908 $16,976
Southern Oak $45,391 $20,498 $11,567
State Farm $17,620 $8,479 $7,596
Stillwater $10,442 $6,445 $4,637
Universal Property $40,360 $12,249 $14,819
Average $25,851 $11,002 $10,951

Some of these most costly rates without wind mitigation will be hard to find in Belle Glade, as rates may not reach this high so far inland, and many homes that are so old and costly will most likely have had some wind mitigation built in over the years.

It’s Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

Companies With the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Belle Glade

Of the companies on our list, Stillwater and Allstate tended to have the cheapest homeowners insurance in Belle Glade. However, premiums vary by person, and you can’t be sure which company is the most affordable for your circumstances until you get quotes.

Allstate is one of the most recognizable insurers in America, while Stillwater is a lesser-known yet relatively large carrier founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2000. Both companies offer their insurance products nationwide. 

Their broad base of customers can help spread their financial risk out and not be overly exposed to the Florida insurance market risks, which may contribute to their lower average premiums.

However, we recommend quoting with companies large and small when looking for home insurance. Rates vary by policyholder, location, and property, and you may find an unexpected company with favorable rates for you.

You won’t know which provider has the cheapest homeowners insurance in Belle Glade until you get quotes from a few. Be sure to shop around when looking for coverage. You can also consult a home insurance agency in Belle Glade, Florida, for expert insight.

Belle Glade Homeowners Insurance Coverages

No matter which company provides the policy, your homeowners insurance plan comes with standard coverage areas for your property and liability. Policies typically contain six coverage areas, briefly outlined as follows:

Belle Glade Homeowners Insurance Coverages
Coverage Definition
Dwelling Coverage Dwelling coverage covers your home’s physical structure from covered damage, including the roof, walls, floors, foundation, and pipes.
Other Structures Coverage Other structures coverage covers fixtures on your property that aren’t attached to your main house, such as fences, pools, sheds, and detached garages.
Personal Property Coverage Personal property coverage covers your belongings, including furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, and tools, from damage and theft. 
Loss of Use Coverage Loss of use coverage covers living expenses you incur if property damage forces you to move out of your home temporarily. Your insurer can pay for lodging, groceries, and gas while you’re displaced.
Liability Coverage Liability coverage covers you financially if you’re found legally responsible for causing an injury or property damage to another person. Your insurer can cover legal fees and medical bills.
Medical Payments Coverage Medical payments coverage covers minor medical expenses if someone is injured around your property, regardless of fault.

How to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance in Belle Glade

The best homeowners insurance in Belle Glade will sufficiently cover your property and liability at a price you can afford. There is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy, so getting the best coverage may take some effort on your end to adjust your plan to your circumstances.

You should know when to adjust your policy limits and potentially add coverages if default protection is insufficient. You should also always shop around to find the best price.

Customize Policy Limits

Each of the six coverage areas we outlined previously in your policy has its own limit, or maximum potential payout. While your insurer will have suggestions for what to set your limits, you can raise or lower them depending on your coverage needs and budget.

For example, we recommend creating and maintaining a home inventory to determine the exact amount of personal property coverage you need. Get the cost of all your possessions in your home inventory, and the number you get when you add up all your items’ values is the precise number you can set your personal property limit. This will prevent you from both underinsuring yourself and possibly overpaying for unneeded coverage limits.

You can adjust your dwelling limit based on your home’s value and how much you want to pay for protection. You can typically choose to cover between 80% to 100% of your home’s replacement cost. You can also change your liability limits based on your financial assets and cash on hand. We usually recommend liability coverage amounts between $300,000 to $500,000 for most people, but you can raise your limits to $1 million if you have a lot to protect.

Consider Endorsements

You should be aware of limitations in your default coverage and consider remedying these gaps if needed. Your policy covers your property from several damage sources called perils, including fire, hurricanes, theft, and water damage.

However, not all possible damage scenarios are covered, and you can purchase endorsements for certain perils if you’re concerned. For instance, most carriers offer endorsements for sinkhole and water backup coverage.

You can also buy endorsements for certain items or expenses that aren’t covered by default. For example, valuables such as jewelry, art, and memorabilia are only covered up to $2,500 or $5,000 in most policies by default. If you have high-value possessions, you may want to insure them fully with a scheduled personal property coverage endorsement.

Shop Around

While having sufficient coverage is crucial, most policyholders are chiefly worried about price when it comes to finding the best home insurance in Belle Glade. Ideally, the best plan will cover everything you need at a price you can afford.

As we mentioned earlier, you should never settle for the first quote you get. Compare multiple carriers to find the best rate. Check for differences in the cost of coverage and endorsements. Also, note possible discounts that companies offer.

What to Know About Flood Insurance in Belle Glade

We mentioned that home insurance covers certain perils. One peril that is always excluded, even with endorsements, is flooding. You must purchase a separate flood insurance policy for protection from the rushing and rising waters.

Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that just one inch of floodwaters in your home can cause over $20,000 in damage.

In Belle Glade, flooding can be caused by heavy thunderstorms and rains brought by hurricanes and tropical storms. Some areas in the city and South Bay are also in federally designated flood zones.

Consider flood insurance in Belle Glade to protect your property from Mother Nature fully.

Stay Above Water With Flood Insurance

Do you want to pay for costly and common flood damage yourself or have an insurance policy pick up the tab?

Factors Influencing Home Insurance Rates in Belle Glade

Several factors affect the cost of homeowners insurance in Belle Glade because insurers must fully understand and manage their risks to stay profitable. Companies analyze every home in-depth to determine responsible premiums, and many variables about a home and policyholder impact rates, such as:

Home Construction: Carriers examine how your home was built to assess its likelihood of suffering damage. Homes that are more susceptible to property damage have higher rates.

Companies will ask if your home is built with bricks, concrete, or wooden frames. Masonry homes withstand wind and fire damage better than wooden frame homes and often have lower premiums. A new roof will also lower your rates, as older roofs are more prone to leaks and wind damage.

Home Features: Certain home features will also impact rates. Attractive nuisances, such as pools and trampolines, increase your liability risk and raise premiums. On the other hand, security features like alarms and deadbolt locks can lower rates.

Claims History: Insurers will ask you about your claims history. Companies charge someone who has filed many claims more for insurance than someone with a clean claims record. Someone with a history of filing home insurance claims is a larger financial risk.

Dog Breeds: Certain historically aggressive dog breeds, such as pit bulls and Rottweilers, can raise premiums at some companies.

Policy Deductible: Raising your deductible, the amount you must pay before you can file a claim, lowers your insurance costs. Having a low deductible will increase your premiums.

Is Home Insurance Required in Belle Glade?

No law requires homeowners insurance in Belle Glade, but mortgage lenders do. Mortgage lenders mandate home insurance as a part of all loans.

Most people purchase their homes with the help of a mortgage. Lenders put down significant sums of money when doing this. To protect their investment, they require the borrower to have home insurance for the life of the loan.

If your house is destroyed, you and your lender will recoup your money through the insurance policy. Otherwise, your lender would have no way to get its money back except through the homeowner, which isn’t viable for either party.

If you pay off your mortgage or bought your home with cash, no entity will require you to keep coverage. However, we always recommend having home insurance anyway. It’s the best financial safety net you can purchase, and it could save you from financial ruin in a worst-case scenario.

How to Get Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Belle Glade

Shopping for homeowners insurance can be confusing and time-consuming, especially if it’s your first time. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner looking to switch carriers or a first-time buyer looking for coverage, you can turn to Clovered to help you find the best policy as a trusted insurance agent in Belle Glade.

Clovered is an independent insurance agency based in South Florida, so we know how frustrating the Florida insurance market is. We partner with the country’s top providers to provide you with the coverage you need at the price you want.

We offer a convenient way to quote completely online through our quoting engine. Just submit some information about yourself and your property and compare your options in minutes.

Or, you can speak with one of our licensed agents for a quote by calling us at 833-255-4117 during business hours. You can also email us with any questions at agent@clovered.com. We’d be happy to help you with your Belle Glade home insurance quotes.

It's Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation's top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

The editorial content on Clovered’s website is meant to be informational material and should not be considered legal advice.

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