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Nestled amongst the towering Alabama whistling pines and boasting a bustling population of more than 75,000, Auburn is home to the infamous university of the same name and an abundance of outdoor activities for its full- and part-time residents who are lucky enough to call it home.

While many of the city’s residents are students earning degrees in a wide variety of studies, the vast majority are homeowners. They get to enjoy the rigors of football games in the fall, the Chewacla State Park in the spring and its many bodies of water, such as the Auburn City Lake, in the summer.

Auburn residents are in luck when it comes to homeowners insurance as well. Due to its geographical location and other varying factors, it shares the title of having some of the lowest homeowners rates in the nation. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay, what factors are at play in determining rates and much more.

What’s the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Auburn, Alabama?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Auburn, Alabama is $1,469 per year. But your premiums depend heavily on the value of your house. Homeowners with a house valued at $150,000 can expect to pay $1,146 per year, while homeowners with a $300,000 house can expect to pay $1,792 per year.

The main differentiating factor in premium pricing is the home’s value. The more a house costs, the more it will cost to insure. But the value isn’t one-for-one, so premiums won’t double simply due to a house’s value doubling.

We utilized data submitted by the largest homeowners insurance providers in Alabama to compile the numbers for the average prices in Auburn. Then we whittled that list further to provide you premium estimates from the top insurers in Auburn. Let’s have a look at the average prices.

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Auburn

State Farm$1,486

Alabama Department of Insurance Rating Factors

The numbers in this article are from the Alabama Department of Insurance. The premiums provided here do not include surcharges or discounts that may apply to a particular policy. These are real premiums, but they may vary depending on many factors.

Policy Type

The rates utilized are for an HO-3 Special Form, the most common type of homeowners insurance policy. The HO-3 covers houses on an “all-risks” basis, protecting property from 16 perils. Certain named exclusions, such as floods and earthquakes, are not covered.

Coverage Amounts

The amount of coverage you need is determined by the value of your home. The annual premiums are calculated based on $150,000 or $300,000 of dwelling coverage for 10-year-old houses with brick construction, a $500 deductible, no policy lapses and a premium paid in full.

Credit Score

The policyholder represented is a 40-year-old with a 710 credit score. Insurers in most states use credit rating as an indicator of your ability to pay your premiums on time. Having a bad credit score (below 600) may cause you to pay more for home insurance than someone with a good credit score (700+).

Home Protection

The rates represent houses that have smoke detectors and deadbolt locks with no other protective devices and no claims history. Many homeowners insurance companies may offer additional discounts to policyholders that protect their house with security systems or other features.

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Auburn for a $150,000 House

State Farm$940

As you can see from the numbers above, the average price of premiums depends largely on the insurer. As insurers gain more policies in the state, they’re better able to mitigate risk and reduce the prices they charge to homeowners.

In the $150,000 house category, the most affordable carrier in Auburn is Allstate at $638 per year. Then comes Farmers at $894 and State Farm at $940 before the remaining carriers cross over the thousand-dollar mark. One prominent carrier that isn’t on the list is Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company, which has a large presence in Alabama and offers affordable rates as well.

Those numbers represent houses in Auburn that are worth $150,000 or have $150,000 worth of dwelling coverage, the value used to determine your home’s replacement cost. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay for $300,000 houses.

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Auburn for a $300,000 House

State Farm$2,032

When looking at homeowners insurance premiums for $300,000 houses in Auburn, the most affordable insurers flip flop a bit, and only one company comes in below the $1,000 mark. Travelers takes the cake as the most affordable in this category at $876 per year.

The remaining insurers, including the ever popular Alfa, one of the largest property insurers in the Heart of Dixie, have widely varying differences in pricing. The second-most affordable carrier is Allstate at $1,096, followed by Safeco at $1,645.

It’s Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

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What Coverage Do You Get From Insurance Companies in Auburn, Alabama?

Every standard homeowners insurance policy, no matter where you’re located, comes with six different coverages. Each coverage is designed to protect something associated with your home, property or finances in a unique way. Let’s break them down.

The first coverage is dwelling, which protects the actual structure of your home. This coverage comes in two forms, replacement cost and market value.

Replacement cost coverage is the exact amount it would cost to rebuild your home, including all external features like a pool and outdoor kitchen, if it were entirely destroyed. Market value coverage incorporates the value of your home and property as it sat before the home was destroyed.

The second form of property protection is other structures coverage. It’s exactly what it sounds like. This coverage pays to repair or replace structures on your property that aren’t connected to your house. These are things like detached garages, carports and fences.

Its maximum coverage per claim is typically up to 10% of your dwelling value. So homeowners with $150,000 in dwelling coverage would have $15,000 in other structures coverage and homeowners with $300,000 in dwelling coverage would have $30,000 in other structures coverage.

Personal property coverage is next on the list. It’s designed to protect the personal belongings you keep inside your home and on your property. These are things like furniture, electronics, clothes and jewelry. You get to choose how much coverage you enroll in, so you’ll want the maximums to match the value of all your belongings combined.

The easiest way to determine the value of your belongings is to compile a home inventory of your contents. But keep in mind that high-value items like jewelry, art and collectibles have different coverage outlines than your other belongings. They’ll need to be scheduled in order to receive coverage for their total value.

If your house is damaged or destroyed and needs to be repaired or rebuilt, causing you to have to temporarily move out in the process, loss of use coverage can reimburse you for additional living expenses you incur while you’re forced out of your home. These are expenses like a rental home of equivalent value, storage fees for extra belongings and pet boarding for your furry family members.

Coverage E, the liability portion of your policy, kicks in if someone is injured on your property, your pet bites someone on or off your property, or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. While policies typically come standard with at least $100,000 worth of coverage, policyholders get to determine the amount of coverage they need.

Many insurers offer up to $500,000 and some offer up to $1 million in coverage. However, crossing that threshold may require you to purchase additional insurance called an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies usually start at $1 million worth of coverage and can be added to in increments of $1 million.

The last piece of your coverage is medical payments coverage, which is similar to liability in retrospect. However, it only covers minor medical expenses for people injured on your property. But it doesn’t matter if you’re found liable.

How Are Homeowners Insurance Rates Determined in Auburn, Alabama?

Many different factors are at play when determining homeowners insurance prices. The most notable being the coverage maximums on your policy. The higher your maximums, the more your insurer will have to pay in the event of an unexpected peril. That also means you’ll pay more in premiums to offset the out-of-pocket risk taken on by your insurer.

The build of your home is also at the forefront of pricing. Homes made of masonry materials, such as brick and concrete, usually cost less to insure than homes made of wood. That’s because masonry materials are stronger than their wooden counterparts and better withstand heavy winds and other natural disasters.

Since Auburn is susceptible to tornadoes and even strong hurricane winds coming in from the Gulf of Mexico that haven’t quite subsided, factoring in the potential of wind damage to policy premiums is key for insurers.

Differentiating State Farm, Allstate, Alfa, Farmers & Progressive Homeowners Insurance

Although the premiums represented in this article are a compilation of the city’s averages, there’s a chance you could pay less or more depending on your situation. While some of the top insurers in Auburn may have the lowest premiums on paper, you may successfully find that getting a policy from another insurer could be cheaper.

Allstate comes in at the lowest averages, costing an average of $638 for a $150,000 house and $1,096 for a $300,000 house. State Farm is $940 and more than double, $2,032 for the latter-priced house. Then comes Farmers at $894 and $2,215 and Alfa at $1,619 and $2,642.

How to Get a Quote for Homeowners Insurance in Auburn, Alabama

Getting an affordable homeowners insurance policy in Auburn is quick and easy when you use Clovered. Simply enter a few details about your home in our online quoting tool, we’ll do all the hard work on the back end and then we’ll pair you with a policy that fits your needs and your budget.

We’re always here to help. If you’d rather speak to a licensed agent on the phone, just call 833-255-4117 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Or you can email us anytime at

It’s Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation’s top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

What to Know About Auburn Flood Insurance

Flood damage isn’t covered by homeowners insurance, so you’ll need a separate flood insurance policy to be covered from the costly perils caused by floods. Since they’re fairly common in Auburn, and extremely costly, securing a policy to protect your home.

Stay Above Water With Flood Insurance

Do you want to pay for costly and common flood damage yourself or have an insurance policy pick up the tab?

It's Time to Switch Your Homeowners Insurance

We partner with the nation's top homeowners insurance companies so you can get a custom policy at an affordable price.

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